Our Board

  • Chair – Jane Frawley has 17 years experience in Company and Financial Services Law. Joined the Board in March 2008.
  • Treasurer Matthew Stokes is a Chartered Accountant with over 9 years of experience. Joined the Board in January 2010.
  • Peter Clark has been a school teacher and chaplain, a Baptist Minister and is currently a workplace chaplain and VCC EM Regional Coordinator.
  • Natalie Fielding is a qualified Solicitor with more than a decade experience in the legal field, including time spent working with the Department of Justice. Joined the Board in March 2007.
  • Helen Walker works as an accounts/administrator and has been involved with PNM for many years. She rejoined the Board in 2009 after an 8 year break.
  • Paul Joy worked for many years as a teacher and is currently a School Chaplain. Joined the Board in february 2011.
  • Stuart Shepherd worked for a number of years as a teacher and is now an Ambulance Paramedic. Stuart joined the Board in May 2011.
  • Our newest member Aarti Royan worked as manager for IBM Global Services & most recently for Hewlett Packard Marketing and Sales Services in the APAC  region.  Aarti joined the Board in July 2015.