Post release support

Once the women are released from prison they often find it difficult to adapt to ‘life on the outside’.  We often meet women in prison at one of our programs or they are referred to us by the prison staff.  Below is just one story from a woman we support:

‘My God-sent miracle
Well, my life had done a complete circle; from being on drugs and in and out of prison. It’s now a life without drugs, prison and all the turmoil, pain and hurt that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still days where there is pain and hurt, but I’m able to get through it without any mind altering substances.

A support, which has meant so much to me has come from Prison Network. Their support worker made it easy for me to be honest, to be able to talk to her about anything and everything without the usual “Is she judging me. What will she think of me”? She has made me feel free and has never said, “No, that’s wrong you must do it this way or that way”. She has shown me there are choices one can make, right ones and wrong ones, but she lets me make my own choice.

I chose to confide in her about my addiction. Before I knew it I received a text message back stating there was an AA meeting in my surrounding area and did I want to go? My thoughts were….I’m not like them, I’m not an alcoholic and I tried to ignore the text. But she was persistent and we did end up going together.

I’m doing five meetings a week to this day. It was the best gift anyone has ever given me. It saved me from a life of turmoil and pain. In these meetings they say the miracle God bestows upon us is a life of being sober and clean. God gave me a miracle, a Christian organisation who introduced me to AA which saved me from a path of destruction of addiction.

I’m still learning, but I now know I’ll get there with hope, faith and trust. I’m so thankful for all my supports and especially for Prison Network. Thank you so much for everything!”